Namsong shamelessly promoting each other. 

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your favourite Namsong fic on aff?

As of now my favourite story is If We Existed, but I’m also really looking forward to This Is (Not) The End, which unfortunately is not published on AFF anymore but you can find it here.

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ccomforting each other

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namsong 5ever. 

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when mino and taehyun fight ? it was in WIN ? which ep ?


Not really a fight…it was more of a disagreement, and Taehyun got upset and stormed out of the room. WIN Episode 2

And then in WinnerTV, Mino was irritated with Taehyun, until he realized it was a prank OTL Winner TV Episode 3

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You said we can request anything right lol. I want to req a fanfic (can I?) based on Winner's song, Different. Something like... Taehyun is this kind of bad boy and Mino wants to break up with him but somehow Taehyun doesn't want to because he really loves Mino (although in a strange way). Thankyouuu

I guess people don’t realize a fanfiction is one hell of a big work and it’s not something you can drop by and request so easily because it may take months or years to write a proper story. When I said you can make requests I was of course referring to editing and such, most of all because other people already asked for fanfictions and I declined their requests the same way I’m doing now (:

Please understand, ty.

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Okay, bye.

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how close do you think mini and namtae?

The closest in the group, you can see it from many little things. You can see Taehyun really enjoys Mino’s company and for Mino is the same. I think they realized they can learn a lot from one another and their personalities also kind of complete one another so I guess they find themselves comfortable with each other’s company (:

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