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this is probably unintentional but what gives me the most feels on your blog is actually the sheer amount of fall out boy references

That my story had fall out boy references I knew, but my blog??? I didn’t notice :O which ones are you talking about?

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WATCH IN 720p!

I made a new trailer for my story since the old one was crap ^^”

Summary: Taehyun is in an abusive relationship with a dangerous man, though he doesn’t know exactly just how dangerous his husband really is. Worn-out, he can only think of one way out of the situation: his husband needs to disappear.

Mino is a hitman with lot of experience but barely no feelings. Taehyun is just another one of his jobs and he’s good at his job. Things, however, get out of hand and this job gets way harder than Mino has previously thought.

Programs: Vegas Pro 12 & Photoshop CS5
Read at:……

Please do not reupload, edit or gif in any way.

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most attractive member(s) // winner 
for kangs

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OMG YOUR FANFIC THE MIGHTY FALL IS KILLIN ME HELP AKDJKAJDJAKD I think I ship Jackson and Taehyunnie im cryin /sobs. Thank you so much for writing this amazing fanfic ♡♡♡♡♡♡

OMFG YOU SHIP JACKSON AND TAEHYUN? so many people ship them maybe I’m doing all wrong with my life HAHAHAHAHAHA thank you so much omg ♥♥♥♥♥

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have you seen this? youtube. com/watch?v=5-jKz8S4jVE. its hilarious. and i just want to agree with your last post about namtae lipsync to i'm him all the time, bec when i went to their fanmeet, namtae did it. twice. im sure if the song playing for the 3rd time, he'd still lipsync to it


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Reasons to ship Namsong


General ship features:

  • (ex)-leader/maknae
  • big voice rapper/main *angel voice* vocal
  • rough tanned big boy/shy pale girly boy
  • always-know-what-to-do man/clumsy boy
  • old/young

Digging deeper:

  • the way Taehyun calls him hyung
  • the way Mino says Taehyun-ah
  • the one who’s always super-confident in himself/the one who’s always too shy
  • brightest one/darkest one

Drowning in details:

  • Mino never gets angry but the only times he did, it was because of Taehyun
  • Taehyun never does aegyo, but the only times he did, it was for Mino
  • if there’s a new WINNER coreography 99% of the time Taehyun and Mino get paired up
  • Mino raps - Taehyun does the beatbox for him
  • there are more Taehyun drawings made by Mino than paintings in an art gallery
  • never forget that the sea itself ships them
  • they stated they are each other’s sub-unit
  • if Mino says Taehyun will do something in some way, you can be hell sure Taehyun is doing that something exactly in that way
  • they sometimes exchange clothes
  • …and always share food
  • wait, did I tell you about their private dates? yeah
  • in one of which mino follows taehyun around a whole art gallery even if it’s not his “thing” and he’s clearly a bit bored? double yeah
  • they also happen to sit near each other like 90% of the time
  • and when they’re not, they can’t keep their eyes off each other anyway
  • and the way Mino frowns everytime someone talks about Taehyun with other guys/girls even if it’s a joke or a game
  • or the unamused face of Taehyun when someone talks about Mino with girls (he always tries to make funny faces or silly jokes to hide his disappointment)
  • the way Mino can get all serious when something happens to Taehyun
  • the way Taehyun can get all dork and silly when he’s with Mino
  • always the first ones to comfort each other during hard times
  • funny fact: it looks like Taehyun ignores people he doesn’t care about and only focuses on the ones he likes the most (you can see this in WINNER TV ep 6 when he’s with BIGBANG). So during WIN final battle BTS Bobby practically declared his love for him, and guess what’s the only thing Taehyun did? He went straight to Mino.
  • so Mino made this OH! MV and guess who he chose as his main partner? right
  • Mino clearly stated he thinks Taehyun is cute
  • their hug at the end of Who Is Next has already entered the ‘Longest And Most Suffocating Hugs In History’ list
  • Taehyun said Mino may not be the most handsome in the group but he’s the coolest and that’s why he’s attractive
  • let’s not talk about the Don’t Flirt performance where Mino touches all Taehyun’s thigh up to his butt while Seungyoon on the other side just reaches the end of the thigh (hungry much, Song Minho?)
  • Taehyun is always - and i mean ALWAYS - lip-synching to Mino’s solo I’m Him or whatever rap part Mino has in any song
  • Mino recommended Taehyun’s solo as the song you absolutely have to listen from their album because (quoting literally) ‘Taehyun’s soft voice will make your ears melt’
  • and of course Taehyun recommended Mino’s solo as well (in love much?)
  • it’s always time for namsong selcas, anytime and anywhere, be it in Japan, on stage or in private (uh uh)
  • when BEAT made a special radio appearance for winner and had to split up the group in subunits guess who ended up being together? of course namsong
  • Taehyun said is getting more and more interested in hip hop… who knows why 
  • Taehyun is usually really reluctant when it comes to skinship with the members but as soon as Mino begins an hugging session you can be sure he’s gonna hug him back like nothing else matters in the world
  • isn’t it funny how they always end up paired up? sub-unit, mc together, radio together etc… looks like the music scene itself ships them 
  • Mino clearly asked Taehyun out more than once but since it was always in front of the cameras Taehyun gently declined the offer (but they have private dates anyway)
  • when asked who can do model-walk well Taehyun said ‘Minho is really good, he’s so manly. Look at his thunder thighs, look at his thighs and butt’ (EXCUSE ME NAM TAEHYUN?!)
  • and of course
  • they love each other.
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finished 85 pages of your blog in 5 hours *__* this blog is perf

omg you’re crazy <33333 thank you so much *^*

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I finally cleaned up and re-newed my Livejournal! Some people told me they had problems with Asianfanfic and asked me if I was ever to post on Livejournal as well, and I absolutely wanted to have a nice journal before posting everything, so I took some time to take care of it.

For now I posted all my namsong fanfictions (The Mighty Fall and all the oneshots), plus all my videos (namsong ones and WINNER on crack). I’ll be posting everything there from now on (besides Asianfanfic) so please keep an eye on it!


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Namsong Spam (32/?) 

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