I finally cleaned up and re-newed my Livejournal! Some people told me they had problems with Asianfanfic and asked me if I was ever to post on Livejournal as well, and I absolutely wanted to have a nice journal before posting everything, so I took some time to take care of it.

For now I posted all my namsong fanfictions (The Mighty Fall and all the oneshots), plus all my videos (namsong ones and WINNER on crack). I’ll be posting everything there from now on (besides Asianfanfic) so please keep an eye on it!


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Namsong Spam (32/?) 

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and the namsong selca parade goes on…


15/ namsong moments | Taehyun wants mino to like his natural self .

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namsong’s debut as inkigayo MCs ft. taehyun’s outfit making him look like a typical casanova 

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Aren’t they lovely? (◡‿◡✿)

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in which Namsong hurt each other with words . 

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Namsong during Winner’s fansign event. (x)

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"Hello. This is Taehyun! 
Secretly took a pic of Mino hyung filming 'PRIME'
As expected, he's really handsome~!!" cr.