15/ namsong moments | Taehyun wants mino to like his natural self .

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namsong’s debut as inkigayo MCs ft. taehyun’s outfit making him look like a typical casanova 

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Aren’t they lovely? (◡‿◡✿)

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in which Namsong hurt each other with words . 

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Namsong during Winner’s fansign event. (x)

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"Hello. This is Taehyun! 
Secretly took a pic of Mino hyung filming 'PRIME'
As expected, he's really handsome~!!" cr.


Those who saw WinnerTV know about the ducks ♥

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Well then.

Selca time during shooting! Yes I'm him!! Did I come out good? 
Taehyun is a bonus! Haha~