Selca time during shooting! Yes I'm him!! Did I come out good? 
Taehyun is a bonus! Haha~
Anonymous fangirled:
When did Namsong go to gallery together? Do you have gif or video of it?

There are no videos of the gallery date, only fantaken pictures:

getting the tickets

at the gallery

Mino waiting for Taehyun…

…who’s probably lost in his own thoughts

Taehyun waiting for Mino who’s probably buying something in a near-by (?) library:

The two of them going shopping on the streets:

going on with their date somewhere else or going home (?):

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Anonymous fangirled:
Do you have the gif of namsong hug during the final ep of win?

I made this gifset on my main blog ^^

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Namsong shamelessly promoting each other. 

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Anonymous fangirled:
your favourite Namsong fic on aff?

As of now my favourite story is If We Existed, but I’m also really looking forward to This Is (Not) The End, which unfortunately is not published on AFF anymore but you can find it here.

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ccomforting each other

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namsong 5ever. 

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